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Primary Maths

Beginner Level

Grade 1-3

Basic concepts such as numbers, arithmetic, fractions and more are taught using 2-digit numbers.

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Intermediate Level

Grade 3-4

In this level students are taught with more enhanced concepts, such as ratios,  fractions, geometry and more.

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Advanced Level

Grade 4-5

This level tests all the primary math concepts from number sense to probability using larger numbers.

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Ultra Short Video Lessons

Complex topics are taught by simple 2-minute videos, which conveys its meaning more effectively than a mere verbal description. Children can pause and rewind the videos until the concepts are understood for better retention of knowledge.

Unlimited Olympiad Questions

The quizzes consist of word problems that enhance the student’s mental skill, develop logical analysis and boost creative thinking. The ability to solve math word problem makes a huge difference in child’s career and life.

Video Lessons