Math Worksheets

Beginner Level | Grade 1 – 3

Basic concepts such as numbers, arithmetic, decimals, fractions and more are taught using 2 digit numbers and contains  more than 1000 Math Olympiad Questions.

Also available: Grade 3-4 | Grade 4-5

Math Olympiad Sample Worksheet

  1. Sophia has 40 chocolates. She gave 1/5 of it to her sister. How many chocolates are left with her?
  2. The price of a toy speaker is $52. How much you save if you get a 25% discount?
  3. Ria bought a box of chocolates. Ria ate 1/4 of the chocolates. What fraction of chocolates is left for Dia?
  4. Ria throws a dice 3 times and got digits (2, 1, 2). Using these digits, form the highest possible 3 digit number.
  5. Ryan decided to place a stack of news papers in boxes which can hold 15 news papers each. How many boxes does he need if he has 1455 papers?
  6. Suma, Ria, Ana and Kirti spent $58, $7, $88 and $86 respectively in a shopping mall. The largest amount spent by one of them is $__.
  7. Each child has 18 pencils. If there are 181 children, how many pencils are there in total?
  8. Convert 6 Hours to Minutes.
  9. 1% of animals in a jungle are monkeys. If there are 1600 animals in the jungle, how many are monkeys?
  10. Shruti ran 1474 kilometers in 11 days. How many kilometers did she run every day?
  11. Ria watched a cartoon video from 12:35 PM to 12:54 PM. How many minutes did the program last?
  12. Convert 240 Minutes to Hours.
  13. A class has 25 children, of which 14 are boys. What is the ratio of boys to all the children?
  14. A player earns 3572 points after winning 19 games. How many points did she earn after winning each game?
  15. Ria travelled 252 kms by car. Jia travelled 59 kms more than Ria. Pinky travelled 85 kms less than Jia. How many kms Pinky travelled?
  16. Krish got a bag for $59 which is $3 less than the actual price. Find the actual price of the bag.
  17. Convert 5 Centimetres to Millimetres.
  18. The price of a toy phone is $70. How much you save if you get a 20% discount?
  19. Ria travelled 188 kms by car. Jia travelled 57 kms more than Ria. Pinky travelled 38 kms less than Jia. How many kms Pinky travelled?
  20. Kirthi spent 2 hours gathering all of her paintings. She thought of placing an equal number of paintings in 12 of the rooms in the house. If Kirthi has 1416 paintings, how many paintings will be placed in each of the 12 rooms?