Math Worksheets

Advanced Level | Grade 4 – 5

This level tests all the primary math concepts from number sense to probability using larger numbers.

Also available: Grade 1-3 | Grade 3-4

Math Olympiad Sample Worksheet

  1. Cristina throws a dice 5 times and got digits (1, 3, 7, 9, 8). Using these digits, form the lowest possible 5 digit number.
  2. 1770 apples must be packed in boxes. Each box can hold 10 apples.How many boxes are required to pack all the apples?
  3. A class has 13 children, of which 5 are boys. What is the ratio of boys to girls?
  4. In a class of 800 children, 2% bring lunch from home and others buy from cafeteria. How many children bring lunch from home?
  5. The school opened admissions for 5 classes this month. Each class can occupy 34 children. 256 students applied for admission. How many students could not get admission?
  6. There are 8 horses, 6 cows, 5 goats and 3 hens in the farm. What fractions of animals are not hens?
  7. A school cafeteria owner earns about $2234 in a week. About $746 is spent to buy raw materials. She saves about $__ per week. (Hint: Round the answer to nearest 100)
  8. A printer can print 16 pages in a minute. How many pages can be printed in 191 minutes?
  9. A player earns 2955 points after winning 15 games. How many points did she earn after winning each game?
  10. Convert 4 Litres to Milliliters.
  11. Convert 3000 Milliliters to Litres.
  12. John got a gift for $7175 which is $800 more than the actual price. Find the actual price of the gift.
  13. The price of a toy phone is $40. How much you save if you get a 25% discount?
  14. Convert 80 Millimetres to Centimetres.
  15. A class has boys and girls in the ratio of 3:2, and 12 are boys. How many children are there in the class?
  16. Shruti ran 30.4 kilometers in 16 days. How many kilometers did she run every day?
  17. The school opened admissions for 4 classes this month. Each class can occupy 39 children. 207 students applied for admission. How many students could not get admission?
  18. Ahana travelled 600 kms and Sonam travelled 383 kms. Ahana travelled more by how many kms?
  19. The Chef mixes 113 grams of sugar, 229 grams of butter and 145 grams of cocoa powder in a bowl. What is the weight of the mixture in the bowl?
  20. Convert 8 Hours to Minutes.